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Wildlife Photography App
LBE Wildlife Photography

Villiers Steyn is an expert Wildlife Photographer. We developed this app with him to help the user take better wildlife photographs on their next safari. It uses 165 striking photographic examples in 50 handy tips. The app discusses a variety of equipment used in wildlife photography and the correct settings for specific situations. This app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. This app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores, find the links here

Dealstreet App

Deal Street takes the effort out of having to search brand by brand for what great specials are on offer. Search by location, within a specific km range. Or easily search for the deals you want, check out What's New, What's Trending, What's Loved By Us or browse our categories to find the best offers available. No booking, no redeeming just the deals that you want. You can even add your favourite deals to your Shopping Bag for quick and easy access when you are ready to shop! This app is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices

Tracking your people on shift
People Tracking According to Tasks (TAMS)

TAMS is a Mobile app solution to track employees and manage their tasks including questionnaires and daily feedback. We also manage the enterprise distribution for this application. It is developed for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and uses the phone’s GPS and camera to complete the duties listed for the employee.

P.O.D App
Vavasati P.O.D

Vavasati Brand logistics provides branding at events for big corporate clients. Their warehouse contains thousands of items like banners, gazebos etc. Whizz Mobile developed a stock management application and proof of delivery system based on the iPod and iPad platforms and integrating with their backend system. The application manages the lifecycle of each item from picking stock for events to loading, delivering, collecting and checking back into stock. The system allows for any number of devices being used concurrently to manage stock for the same events.

Mobile Alarm App
Mobile Enabled Alarm

iPhone/iPad/Android application that mimics the keypad and display on your alarm (3 tier system interfacing to GSM module through UDP server).

Content and Subscription Webpage
Content and Subscription management

Subscription groups is set up to deliver regular content or updates of interest to the subscriber (3 tier system interfacing with content database).

Wildlife Photography App
Learn By Example Website

This webpage shows the beautiful photos used in the LBE Wildlife Photography in bigger sizes under the Gallery. The links to the Apple and Android app stores are clearly visible. You can also get feedback on your wildlife photos by uploading your photos. Villiers Steyn will supply constructive criticism and a rating for each photo. View the webpage here

Garden Service Website
Matari Garden Services Website

A gardening service in the Centurion Area that focus on Corporate, Municipality, Estate Entrance and Private Gardens. Whizz Mobile created a responsive website for them to grow their business. The website can be viewed here

Financial Services Webpage
HH Financial Services Website

A very successful and well respected Diamond Prestige advisor specializing in life insurance, investments, medical aid and short-term insurance. Whizz Mobile created their website. A very successful and well respected Diamond Prestige advisor specializing in life insurance, investments, medical aid and short-term insurance. Whizz Mobile created their website and can be viewed here

Financial Services Webpage
Vocal Media

Vocal Media is a young Company founded in late 2014, With a focus on audio, picture and web related outputs. We believe in uplifting communities through media and run various programs to support South African Youth - Particularly musicians. We Believe we can effect change through community


mySOS is a free, independent and all-inclusive smartphone application that could serve as a "ons-stop-shop" solution for access to the closest and most appropriate emergency services in South Africa. mySOS offers our clients access to appropriate emergency assistance when:
(a) You don’t know who to call

(b) You don’t know where you are

(c) You want to notify Your emergency contacts about your emergency and the exact location

(d) You want your emergency contacts and the emergency services to navigate directly to your location in an emergency.
Whizz Mobile worked on one mobile platform to integrate a panic button to activate an emergency without touching your phone. For more details or to download the app