Know Us


Whizz Mobile was established in 2011 as a mobile applications and related products software development company. The company has a wealth of expertise in the high-end technology software and electronics development industry. Our mission is to provide affordable solutions based on an extensive code and knowledge base with the focus on product quality.

Whizz Mobile has identified a need for development services focusing on multi-tier development where the mobile application itself forms part of a much larger integrated system. Whizz Mobile can offer a complete developer solution for applications connected to back end servers and other cloud based services as well as customized electronics devices such as telemetry and remote mobile monitoring and control systems. This capability sets it apart from most of its competitors whose focus is on a single tier.

In addition to mobile applications the company also offer competitive solutions to clients. With an extensive network of highly skilled partners the company can offer solutions which very few (if any) small enterprises can, which makes it highly competitive in the mobile solutions industry.

We Offer

Multi-tier Systems

We develop Multi-tier Architecture where the function of the system are separated into multiple applications or tiers. This allows each tier to serve a specialized purpose in the larger complex system.

Expert Care and Support

Thoughtful, timely support from real developers is why customers love us.

Max Uptime and Performance

Our experienced robots and experts continuously monitor and manage your databases.

Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

The health and performance is constantly monitored, ensuring your application stays up and stays fast.

iOS native

If you want the best performance-critical mobile app you have to be able to take advantage of native APIs. For iOS we use Objective-C.

Android native

The main advantage of using Java to build for Android is the performance, but there are lots of benefits.

Windows native

Take advantage of the benefits of having a windows application.

BlackBerry native

In South Africa the BlackBerry phones still have a lot of users, make sure you cover the whole smartphone user base.

Total Data Protection

Sleep well knowing that we replicate, backup, and redundantly archive every database.


An effective executive dashboard only works if it connects with the business systems you currently use. We connect the correct data to identify and measure trends and make the correct decisions.


We can change your excel based system into something that will add value.

Staff management

Saving revenue with less staff means you need a proper system in place.